What is “arara message”


With simple operation and high success rates,
we support the streamlining of email delivery
operations, enhancing efficiency.

‘arara message’ is a mail delivery system designed to streamline email marketing
through improved delivery rates, automation, and effectiveness measurement.

Going beyond the essentials of ‘bulk delivery,’ ‘high-speed delivery,’ and ‘reachability’ in email delivery,
our system incorporates a comprehensive set of features required for efficient email campaigns.
This not only covers the basics but also contributes to reducing workload
for engineers and marketing professionals.


The features of arara message are

Efficient and High-Speed Email
Delivery with High Reachability

arara message excels in delivering large volumes of emails swiftly, thanks to its advanced delivery processing capabilities.
Furthermore, it achieves high reachability in email delivery through automatic and optimal tuning tailored to each recipient domain.
Our system also addresses the contemporary issue of 'spoofed emails' by implementing robust measures.
You can trust arara message to deliver secure emails through domain authentication technology.

Easily Create HTML Emails with
Images and Buttons

Even for beginners, crafting HTML emails with images and buttons is a breeze with our platform.
We offer a user-friendly interface that allows first-time users to effortlessly design HTML emails.
Additionally, our system provides features such as performance measurement and the ability to set up step-based email campaigns, enhancing your overall email marketing experience.

Pricing and Plans

Choose from flexible monthly, depend on your monthly delivery volume needs
(starting from 50,000 emails per month).

Standard features are complemented by tools
that enhance the effectiveness of your email campaigns!

 Email Delivery Features (Email Creation/HTML Editor/Step Mail, and more)

 List Management Features (Automatic Exclusion of Error Addresses and more)

 Anti-Spam Measures


Steps to Use Our Services

and Trial

We will inquire about your intended usage and preferences. You can also opt for a trial to experience our service in advance.


To apply, fill out the purchase order and consultation sheet and submit them.

3.Account Issuance

We will issue your account within 4 business days. After issuance, we will send you instructions for starting the service.

of Use

You can start using the service right from the day of delivery. If you have any questions, our customer support team is ready for immediate assistance.

Experience Simpler and More Efficient
Email Delivery with arara message!


For inquiries via phone, please contact us

Weekdays 10:00 AM to 6:00 PM

Feel free to reach out
if you have any questions.
Download useful materials
for the email delivery system.